Knife Throwing Target

Knife Throwing Target

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This was a simple yet highly effective take on a knife throwing target. Made for a Christmas present, we included it a long with a set of throwing knives. The wood is Douglas Fir and I used 2, 4x4x8 pieces. Each length was cut around 2.5 feet. I drilled holes along the faces about 4 inches down. Centered @ ‘close enough’. Then using a 26in piece of 1/2in all-thread, ran it through, used flat washers, lock washers and topped off with lock-nuts. Cranking down enough to recess the flat washers flush with the wood. Using an impact driver and wrench was able to center the all-thread close enough to where I could then trim the excess off with a handheld grinder. Filing to soften the burrs left.

Along the top you’ll see in between the lock washer and flat, I slipped in some chain to where this could be hung in addition. We have a small archery range at our place, this could easily be hung up there, in the shop or leaned up against a tree outside. A simple, yet super solid product that worked great Christmas morning. The wood is soft enough to gladly accept the knives yet stout enough to really take a beating. I have a feeling it will have a long life.

On a side note. My new assembly table will be coming up soon, the top will be this melamine as you see in the background. During this quick build, I just have it on some saw horses. This stuff is a dream to work on, in an assembly table format. I was able to move the project around with absolute ease and if resistance to wood glue is as it is from what I’ve ready. It will only be a plus. That project will have a full video.

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