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Birth of a shop build

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I’ve been thinking for a while now on the direction I want to go with my internal shop build. It’s a good size building (40×30) that I’ve now had for a couple of years without purpose. Since moving in I had to start on remodeling the house and changing several things. So all tools, supplies, etc. are piled into the shop and a project completed then the cycle started all over again.

I like a clean work space, if I should getting it messy beyond belief during that project, not a big deal, once completed I’ll have it cleaned up or if applicable. I’ll clean up as I go along. I haven’t made this a priority. I’ve got an opportunity that may change this. After a recent kitchen cabinet overall (pictures listed)that I didn’t record (highly regret).

With all of the kitchen cabinets and not wanting to cover everything and its brother with plastic/drop cloths I opted to move it all out of the way. In doing so it after getting the cabinets out, I now have a primed situation to get the ball rolling on changing things around. Let this be an introduction to ongoing shop projects and layout. I plan to clearly start with the left side and work myself right. Wood shop (for now) on the left side and the rest (life) will handle the right sight as we move across. Clearly a lot has to be done and will likely be moved out.

As listed within the video I have a blank canvas. I’ve never had dust collection, once somewhat settled, that will be in the mix as well. A lot of the bow building projects I have lined out, for me, will be done in a much more organized state of work space. Given they will also be a learning experience, less distractions, the better. The video below might help describe more of that. Also, we have new equipment, picture quality has gone way up. Sound to soon follow.



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