Arrow Saw Mount

Wesley E Willard Archery Projects, Woodworking

There’s a sense of urgency to get a few projects out of the way in preparation for this years white tail deer bow season. That being said, with the change of switching to carbon arrows from wood, this saw/jig moved up the list. Nothing complex, some scrap lying around  super-coupon usage from Harbor freight and you’re basically in business.

As mentioned in the video below, if you look up this item number (62136) majority of the reviews are guys using for this very task. Cutting arrow shafts or dowel rods at the least. It’s “roughly” 19,000RPM and did I mention cheap? When trimming or sizing arrow shafts there are few requirements to make it work. When it comes to wood you can get away with just about any kind of saw. I was using a 10” miter saw for the longest time. Bringing carbon into the mix though you want a faster RPM to get a cleaner and not to mention safer cut. If you search the Internet you’ll find all kinds of solutions for this, this solution works good for me though.

I went with a 2×6 for a couple of reasons, I liked having the extra width to clamp and mount too. I would have liked to just keep it all one piece, use a plunge router and flushed out the mounting plate for the saw and a groove for an arrow. I do not have a router of any kind though, so I cut a couple of strips of 1x @ 7/8” thick. Didn’t need a lot, just enough to have an arrow rest relatively flat on.

I added a scale rule along the entire jig with a combination square for accuracy. The edge of the saw is 3” from the blade exactly, so the rule started there. The blade isn’t anything to write home about, however, it does this job, surprisingly well, just go slow. By slow I mean 3 to 4 seconds instead of 1. It’s low-cost and highly effective. If ou don’t have an arrow saw, going from not having one to having this, is a dream.

Watch the video below for a full demonstration, if you like the video, give it a thumbs up, thanks for checking it out.