I have accumulated a lot of experience through the years within woodworking, outdoors and the sport of archery. Each of these areas have their own specific place within me that helps the makeup of who I am today. I think part of that accumulation of experience is the ability and need to never stop learning. Taking the patience gained from archery alone has helped develop many areas in my life. The more I have progressed as an archer though through the years, has been considerably noticeable that all 3 areas listed have started to meld together fluidly. Having always wanted a good platform to share those experiences past, present and future. This is where I intend to do it.

Having been born and raised deep within the Ozarks of Southwestern Missouri for my entire life. I’ve always found myself wanting to be outside. When you add in the influence of all the geographical landscapes that we have where I live and the culture within those environments I was raised in, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I have a great love for the outdoors.

Growing up, I was always subjected to carpentry by my father, in every capacity. Whether it was building a home, a deck or a requested coffee table from my mother. More importantly I learned that if I could think it, that it could be built and I was shown properly how to do so. I’ll attempt to make anything, having this mindset. The creative influence from my mother has enabled me to truly enjoy the restoration of discarded pieces, the uniqueness of hand tools and whatever I can find to make new again. At the same time, trips to the lake, hunting and fly-fishing intertwined my youth unknowingly would aid in forming my core while keeping me grounded. No matter how much ‘fun’ I had.

Without having a supportive wife, 3 fantastic kids and an old goat (black lab) named Jeffrey that I do, I wouldn’t be writing this now nor would I seek to put any of this out into the world. To say that in this life, I would unsuspectingly find my passion for traditional archery and all that it encompasses, is a blessing I will never take for granted. I do not consider myself old by any means. However, the patience required to truly submerse yourself into woodworking, archery and outdoors is something that you really have to want. I had no idea that my background in the making was simultaneously creating a nest for that patience to cradle into comfortably.

All 3 of these areas on interest individually will be represented here, at the same time; there collective relationship (which is rarely brought together within them) will also be. One of my personal goals for this venture is to bring bow making into a forefront of woodworking that I believe it belongs. Also, while being part of a clearly transitioning time in woodworking from one generation to the next. Keep the history of it alive, while pushing the boundaries of what can be done. I believe this can be explored more than normally found in the world today and we will explore it all. I am excited to share those experiences past, present and future.

Thank you for visiting,